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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Marin!

Trip to Monkey Joe's $ 5.00

Balloons $ 2.50

Happy Meal $ 3.00

Cake Mix $ 2.00

Play Tent from IKEA $ 7.00

Watching Marin open presents from grandparents $0

Knowing your 2 yr. old has no clue how cheap her parents are: PRICELESS!

Happy Birthday Marin! We can't believe you're a 2 yr. old! Daniel and I feel like you have always been with us and at the same time we're amazed that two years have flown by so fast. We love you so much Marin! We hope you had a great day.


Harris Family said...

Sorry i suck at life and didnt call yesterday! Tiffani actually asked me yesterday when Marin's birthday was and i said i wasnt sure. So yeah, i suck big time. We wont miss it next year. Tiffani will make sure of that.Hope you are all well... cute video of the kid. Love you!

Chris said...

Love this post and love Miss Marin even more! Cannot wait to see you guys again next weekend...Its like Christmas only I guess sad...

Q'ner said...

how cute is Marin. She is getting so big. Wish I was closer to be able to see her grow up. Love you guys!

michelle said...

What's your address? I'd like to send you a Christmas card. Send it to my e-mail...
Love your blog!