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Monday, November 5, 2007


October has been a busy month for us here. We’ve had two birthdays - mine and Marin's, visits from Glam-ma Harris and Grammy Kuhn, trips to the pumpkass patch, Halloween party at our house with some friends from the ward, Trunk or Treat at the ward, new calling for Daniel in the Cub Scouts, cutting more molars, finally getting my NC license, Registering the car in NC, finding out that our auto insurance policy had fallen into some kind of black hole and disappeared into oblivion – they tell us that our policy never really existed – We’ve apparently been uninsured for the last six months (our checks were cashed, and we have all the papers showing that we should have been insured WITH THEIR COMPANY.) Oh, I almost forgot that Marin has now begun walking, a lot.

She's already much better than this video is showing. This was taken when she first started. Now she's all about walking everywhere and she'll only stumble when the concrete is uneven or on a hill.
That’s just all the things that I can remember while I sit here at my desk. I’m sure that I could come up with more if I tried. But I’d rather not be reminded of any more. Some of the chaos has been fun, some nothing more than a headache and some making me just want to end it all, but we move forward and November will be almost over before we know it. We are looking forward to Thanksgiving. Who isn’t? We are going to be heading to MI for the turkey dinner. I think I’d be willing to get myself to Alaska for a good turkey dinner. Mmmmm… I think that thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I think that it even passes up Christmas, but I’m not certain and if it does, it’s not by much.

Friday, November 2, 2007

Fun day at the park.

This month has just been so out of control busy. We've had no time to keep anyone updated on what is going on. We barely have any clue what is going on from one day to the next. This is why it’s become one of our favorite past times to head out to the local neighborhood park so that Marin can burn off some of her energy and hopefully sleep a little better that night. Here are two new shots of Marin playing on some of the playground toys.

The slide is fun, but the swing is always my favorite. I think that Marin likes it too.

I know that none of this has anything to do with Halloween, but I figure that we all may be a little Halloweened out. I think that 90% of the blogs that I’ve visited today have had a Halloween theme that still shows up on the visible opening page. Don’t get me wrong, we have lots of fun H stuff to report on and pictures to show, but maybe that will come in another week or so when it’s started to dye out a little. Don’t ask my why I’m doing it this way. Most of the actual reason is that I’m sitting here at my work desk bored out of my mind, so I’m posting but I don’t have any of the H pictures on my computer. They are all at home. So they will be coming soon, but not today.