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Thursday, January 31, 2008


I just completely ripped this poem off of my good friends blog. I don't think that she will mind since she ripped it off of some email that she got. We have no idea who the writer Anna is but the poem is lovely.

Prophetic Passing
I imagine he's running to Marjorie now,
Yes, running, not waving his cane.
I see him embracing his father and mother
While they keep repeating his name.

I see him now meeting his forebears,
Brother Brigham and Joseph are there.
Sweet reunion of prophets, united by service
That only such noble men share.

I see him embraced by the Savior
While Father says, 'Good and well done.
So faithful in stalwart endurance,
I welcome My noble, most excellent son.'

I then hear the ripples of laughter
As he says the reception's just fine,
But he hopes that he'll get an assignment or two
Since there's no need to waste any time.

I can hear his clear voice in the stillness
At the close of this sweet Sabbath day,
Have faith and move forward - there's work to be done.
President Hinckley would want it that way.

Anna M. Molgard January 27, 2008

I would have ended it by saying:
I can hear his clear voice in the stillness
At the close of this sweet Sabbath day,
Have faith and move forward - there's work to be done.
Please drive safe as you leave on your way.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


No, we are not dead. But I understand that you may think that by how often I've been posting lately. Truthfully, there is no excuse that anyone who checks this blog will accept, so I'm not even going to try. Instead I'll just give you all a nice little update and maybe a few pictures as well.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun. Katie, Marin and I packed up the car and drove off to Michigan to spend the blessed turkey day with family there. It was so nice. I found it relaxing. Frankly, relaxing and holidays are not two things that I'm used to having go together. But this was really pleasant. One of the highlights was the trip that we took to the Henry Ford Museum.
This Museum is so cool. It's a really eclectic collection of just about anything that can be related to industry. But so much more! The exhibits seem to be a diverse collection of historical artifacts and industry that sometimes takes a back seat. Speaking of taking a back seat. One of the highlights was the actual bus that Mrs. Rosa Parks refused to take a back seat in. We also saw the limo that JFK was shot in, the limo that Reagan was shot in and the Rocking chair from Ford's Theatre that Lincoln was shot in. If it at any point in history could have been referred to as transportation, ie. planes, trains, cars, wagons, carriages, buses, campers, Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobiles etc... you could find it at this museum and you would most likely find many versions of them throughout the years. I so recommend a visit.

Christmas was also a lot of fun. We didn't go anywhere. We just enjoyed making some of our own family traditions this year. I think that Katie missed being home, I on the other hand found myself for the first time in a really long time getting into the Christmas spirit. I don't tend to get too excited about much, but this was just fun. It also seemed to be relaxing. I enjoyed every bit of hanging out with my two favorite girls.
Marin got her first baby doll. She loves it. We named her Annie because it's easy for Marin to say. Now Marin gets to run around giving hugs to Annie and taking care of her. Also she fits very nicely into the shopping cart that Marin got for her birthday back in Oct.
Life is good.