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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Back Up and Running


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Time to Boogie Woogie!

Please don't hate me as I make you both the object of some intense humor!

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Just remember that I'm your favorite son in law ever.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What's Cookin'?!

Marin has recently decided that she needs to be involved in more of the cooking. I thought these pictures turned out so cute, I just had to post them. She wasn't so helpful with the cooking part, but does a great job helping clean up.


Monday, July 7, 2008

Beach Trip

Daniel's whole family came down to North Carolina for a beach week in June. Daniel's mom came out a couple days before to spend some time with us before the masses arrived at the beach. Cheryl and Marin went to work on saving our trees in the front yard. They're saying that the drought here is only going to get worse. Fortunately for us I don't think our yard could get much worse. I'm not sure how helpful Marin was, but she certainly found a way to stay cool in all the heat.

We stayed in a fab beach house in Kill Devil Hills. It was great weather for the most part and we had fun spending time on the beach. Marin is definitely her father's child.

She is a total water baby.

She also had a lot of fun with Daniel's nieces and nephews. I know she was glad to have kids to play with instead of her boring mother.

It was nice visiting with the family and getting to see all the kids again. Daniel's sister Chris had a set of twins about a year ago that we were able to meet for the first time. All in all we were sad to leave the sun and sand, but had a great week. Thanks Cheryl and Bob!

(Please feel free to advert your eyes away from my flabby, pasty legs, but don't you think my suit is fabulous?!)

Back to blogging...

Yeah-its been awhile. Here is my meager attempt at redeeming myself. We went through some big changes in the Kuhn household during May. Since our 1 1/2 year-old is roughly the size of a 3 year-old we discovered that the baby gate had to come down, it was time for a booster seat instead of a highchair and we had to put those annoying doorknobs things on all our doors. Marin walked out the front door without my knowledge the other day, but luckily Daniel was outside to witness the escape. Unfortunately, she has now figured out how to open doors with the annoying doorknob things on them. Just last Sunday she organized THREE separate escape attempts from nursey by Houdini-ing the "child-proof" locks on the door.

Here are some pictures of Marin eating her first meal in the booster seat. She is thrilled to be in her big girl chair.