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Monday, October 22, 2007

Does this amaze anyone else?

In this corner, weighing in at a whopping 25 Lbs. and stretched to an unbelievable 32.5 inches, we have the unbelievable Marin-zilla.
Katie took Marin in for her 12 month check up today. The doctor could do nothing but laugh when she saw Marin’s measurements. It turns out that Marin, at her 12 mo. check up, is the size and weight of the average 22 month old child. She is the same size of a child that is two months shy of twice her age. The doctor assures us that she is perfectly healthy in every way, she is just really tall. She’s already tall enough to pull things off of the kitchen table. Like plates and glasses… it’s almost an accident waiting to happen. We’ve got to watch her like a hawk. She’s able to reach more trouble than any one year old ought to be able. Good thing that she’s so cute.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Hallow-egg Tutorial

We’ve done this a few different ways over the years. When we first started making these eggs, we started with some left-over Easter Egg Dyes, a sharpie magic marker and whatever else we could find to be creative.
Hard boil the eggs. Allow them to cool and keep them at room temp. Do not refrigerate the eggs after boiling. It will cause them to sweat when you are ready to color them. They take some work and you will have a ton that you think are just uglier than snot, but the pumpkins are always easy. (Great for kids) Not much to it. I’ve never done it, but you may be able to use some Tie-Die tabs from an arts and crafts store if you don’t have any extra easter egg dye lying around. But it will probably stain everything badly. This year we used some of the absolute cheapest acrylic pain that we could find at the craft store. $1/tube. I don’t know how the acrylic paint would work on the eggs because this year we used fake wood eggs. (So much better and less temporary, but took us a few years of passive searching to find. {Thanks Holly})
This whole project is a lot of fun, but there are really no good instructions, just lots of creativity. Another thought may be to head to a creek bed and collect a few nicely rounded stones and then paint them. This could be fun because the jagged edges could make a good witch face… like I said, be creative, it’s more fun that way.
We are considering getting some clear lacquer to cover the eggs so that the paint won’t rub off onto each other. (this probably won’t matter with the temporary hard boiled eggs)
Have fun and post pictures if any of you decide to make them.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dancin' Muchine II

This is a fun one. Marin loves to dance, (as mentioned before) Here we caught her Droppin' it like it's hot into some poppin' and lockin'. She's got some pretty sweet moves. Aparently her new favorite movie is High School Musical. Katie and I were not really fans, but it was worth it to see her jam out to the ending credits.

Tis' the Hallo-freakn'-ween Season

Katie and I decided to get crafty this year. Instead of making award winning pumpkins,
We decided to mix in some easter. We painted some awesome halloween eggs. It was the coolest FHE in a long time. Katie's are the ones that actually show some tallent.