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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Setting the Record Straight

It would be strange if someone that was way too young, but still a legal adult, came into the funeral home to prearrange his own funeral – twice. It would be even stranger if that person ended up needing a funeral directors services shortly there after due to the actions of a group of delinquent thugs. It would be even stranger still if the parents of the kid came to that same funeral director for funeral plans even when they had no idea that their son had already prearranged for the same thing. Could you imagine the funeral directors surprise if he made the connection from identifying the kid off of an obituary photo? Any reasonably sane individual would be nothing short of flabbergasted. When that reasonably sane individual made the connection, he would certainly pass the information on to the proper authorities.
Plot Twist-
How crazy would it be if our reasonably sane individual received a phone call from the kid that he had made the prearrangement with after the cremation had taken place? Suppose that he knew this because he positively recognized the voice and the young kid recognized his as well. Obviously our sane individual had made a rather large mistake when he thought that he had recognized this kid. He would probably no longer think of himself as being sane at all. In his defense, there were probably some extremely unique and distinctive characteristics (physical as well as behavioral) that would set both of these individuals apart from the average (very very extremely large) group. Our sane person would briefly even consider the identical twin theory, but not for long. The simple truth would be that he was flat out wrong.
Another Plot Twist-
How ridiculously crazy would it be if these two kids that our now questionably sane individual had mistaken for being the same person, actually turned out to know each other!!! The questionably sane individual would find this out because the remaining young kid would begin asking him questions about the body of his friend!
Our questionably sane individual would now have gone straight to insane and not passed “Go” or collected his $200. That would be absolute ridiculousness. There is no way that there could be that much coincidence. It’s simply way too bazaar. I guess that I’ll have to come up with another idea for my book because that one is way too unbelievable. I couldn’t sell it if I tried.
The good news is that our insane person would not be in any trouble and frankly would have nothing to do with much of anything at all regarding these most unfortunate kids.


erinmalia said...

uh...wow? the things you've seen daniel...i can't even begin to imagine.

Megan said...

CRAZINESS! I will seriously buy your book when it becomes available. Thanks for the freaky story!

Jane said...

What on earth is going on in NC? I can't wait to hear all the details of this story. I'm with Megan-- I'll buy this book if you write it! Hope you guys are doing great (besides the freaky incidents that seem to be taking place at work).