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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Kuhn's Got Ran Over by Reindeer

I know its been awhile since we last posted, but Reindeer are the only excuse I could come up with. Let's just say that absolutely nothing has been going our way over the last couple months. We are just praying we get through this holiday in one piece. I won't even bother to fill you in on all the depression around here, but we are looking forward to a little reprieve. On a lighter note, Daniel's long awaited scooter finally arrived. Yeah!! That means no more driving Daniel to and from work anymore (Marin and I may just throw ourselves a little party!) I'll be sure to post a picture later with Daniel and his "hog."

Other than that, Marin is talking and singing up a storm. She also likes to point at everything and ask "What's that?" Most the time I think she's doing it to test me. She is however, officially a terrible two and Daniel and I are learning some new lessons in patience. Its a dang good thing she is as cute as she is.

Even on the hard days though, we still love her to pieces and are so grateful that she is happy and healthy.

I unfortunately will not be sending out Christmas cards this year, so don't feel like we forgot you! So I hope that this will suffice.

Happy Holidays!
Love, The Kuhn's


Camie said...

Oh I've missed you guys. I hope you have a great christmas. I don't send cards either.

erinmalia said...

for some totally random reason, i just came over to your site and what! there was a post. so fun. but sorry to hear it's been a trying couple of months.

Chris said...

What do you mean you had nothing to post...didnt you see me twice in the last two months...that in and of itself is enough fun to blogging for a minute at least!
:) Love and Miss you all!

Ty said...

Daniel, you copycat... We get a scooter so you go ahead and get one, too!? j/k. After getting the scooter, there is no turning back for me. I love it. You should post some pictures soon.

I hope all is well with ya'll. I keep planning to call you, but (WARNING: Lame excuse coming) I just haven't got around to it. I am still hoping to make the trip to NC within the next year. We didn't do it this fall because we went to San Francisco instead... and I will need to tell you more about that trip.

Take care you guys!