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Thursday, January 22, 2009

It Snowed!!

Well, hell must have froze over...again! First Nevada and now North Carolina. We couldn't believe it actually snowed here. Usually the temperature doesn't dip below 40 degrees during the winter. It was fun for the one day it lasted. The entire state shut down for 3 inches of snow (for several days). Marin and I went out and played in it before it melted. Here are some pictures of our winter wonderland.

Its suppose to be 60 tomorrow. So we'll be heading out to the park in a jacket.


Chris said...

Cute, Cute Marin! and How much fun is snow to a little kids...love it! Miss you guys!

Daniel said...

She woke up this mornging, it was still dark out. She kept saying,"It's dark out. Probably it's snowing." We couldn't help but chuckle.

Harris Family said...

Exciting for you guys! Cute photos, she looks so adorable in that little hat!