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Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer Time!

So it’s pretty safe to say that the Kuhn’s are bad at blogging. In a pathetic attempt to catch up…here’s what we’ve been up to:

We took a trip to Michigan in June for a couple weeks. Marin and I went up for a week before Daniel joined us. My mom and I both decided it was time to get some food storage together. We got ahold of a canner and we canned a ton of stuff over the week. I was amazed at how relatively inexpensive and easy it was to do. We’re far from self-reliant, we I think we made a great start this summer. The only question I have is where on earth am I going to put it?! Over the two weeks in Michigan we went to the Green Field Museum in Detroit, took Marin swimming, went to the temple and did a little work around my parents house. Marin got spoiled by her aunt and grandparents and loved every minute of it.

She spent most of the time playing in grandpa’s gardens and jumping on the trampoline.

Daniel and I left Marin with her Aunt Erin and Grandma for an afternoon and came home to find this! "While the parents are away...monkey's get buried?" Her daddy is so proud. Maybe its in her blood.

We had a great trip!! We were sad it flew by so quickly.

Over July we made two beach trips. One was a day trip where were able to meet up with some friends from D.C. It’s was too short, but we enjoyed catching up with them a bit. The other trip involved camping on the beach…which ended up a bit frustrating, but I guess I’m just getting old. We were in the middle of a drunken’ brawl and a few all night parties on the beach. Not so sure we’ll ever go back there again.

Our car has been in and out of the fix-it shop several times this summer. We have sunk a small fortune into the car and pray over it daily, in hopes it will hold out a bit longer. Hopefully we have solved the big problems for now.

Other than that, Daniel seems to be working more and Marin and I always seem to be running around like crazy… doing what I can never figure out. Who ever said that summers are relaxing? We’re hoping that August slows down a bit more. We have had a great summer so far though.


Megan said...

yes...you guys suck at blogging! I'm glad for the update and it looks like you are having some fun. Good luck organizing your food storage. Maybe you could put some in the trunk of your car so you can have a snack if your car breaks down! I hope your car runs great for a LONG while. We have been super busy this Summer as well and we haven't been so great at blogging either. Enjoy the rest of your Summer!

Lindsay said...

Yeah, I'm pretty bad at blogging too! Cute pics though!

Harris Family said...

I never check your blog anymore cause it's never updated, but I was happy to see a "new" post when I checked today. Sounds like a fun summer...I wish we were by the beach!

Roni, Coleman, Makadie and Anika said...

Yeah--I am ALWAYS just catching up on blogging. This year has been hard--and the summer has been SO crazy! Marin is such a cutie and is getting to look more and more like a little lady! Man--they grow up fast!