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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Misadventures in Shopping

What you're about to see may scare you. This is not for the faint of heart. I've been complaining for some time to Daniel that I have no clothes. I went about trying to prove it to him one night and the experience left us both shocked and disturbed. Here is the pile of clothes that no longer fit me or are worthy of allowing social services to take away my child based on my appearance. It was ugly folks.

This is what is left. So pathetic and sad. (P.S. Please nominate me for TLC's "What Not To Wear.")

I was forced to realize two things about myself. One- I hoard old clothes. Don't ask me why...I do such a good job decluttering the rest of my life, but can't seem to let go of ugly shirts from high school. Two- After Marin, my body has taken on a new shape all together. I swear my waist has dropped about 3 inches. I'm not sure why that happened.

Anyway, drastic steps needed to be taken. We hopped in the car on Daniel's day off and headed to the outlets 2 hours away. We thought we'd be smart and leave during Marin's nap time, thinking she'd sleep on the way down. Ha! Yeah right. She was grumpy by the time we got there, especially after getting lost trying to find the place. However, her spirits rose after she was freed from the car and able to walk around.

We had a little success in the first store, but our luck quickly changed as soon as we left that store. What a wash the day turned out to be. You'd think finding a few shirts would be a realistic expectation after visiting 30 different stores, but were we wrong. We did have one funny experience. We went into the Oshkosh store to see if they had any kids stuff on sale and while Daniel and I were making a quick game plan, Marin had sat down, stripped off both her shoes and socks, and was already trying on flip-flops. After Daniel and I composed ourselves we had to convince an 18 month old that she needed to leave her own shoes and socks on, and that we wouldn't be trying on EVERY pair of shoes in the store. I'm not sure where our girly girl came from, but she is GIRL through and through.

A short time later we took a trip to Dairy Queen in an attempt to lighten our collective spirits. Apparently, Marin really liked the ice cream.

Daniel did too. Unfortunately, a short while later, we found out that it didn't like him back. So while Daniel took the next hour and a half to deal with his own issues, Marin decided she had retained enough water to liberate all of NC from their drought and that it was time to let the flood gates go. I kid you not... she completely wet through 4 diapers in the span of 1 hour. I had never seen anything like it. Daniel is nowhere to be seen and I am 18 miles from the car. Marin and I started hoofing it. She screamed the entire way.

By the time we got to the car, Marin had not only soaked through her last diaper, but had now soaked my shirt as well. I hadn't been able to find any shirts all day, as previously mentioned, so I walked around for the last hour of our shopping trip in a pee shirt. All in all, we didn't get much accomplished but we all made it home in one piece. My closet situation...remains the same.

Visit from Pappy

Daniel's dad came for a visit last weekend. Unfortunately for him, he spent most of his visit helping Daniel fix our broken couch. Yes people..beware! When you come and visit us we put you to work! We sure appreciated all the help though! We did take a trip to Duke Gardens on Saturday afternoon. It was pretty hot out, so it was a bit of a short adventure, but we still had a good time.

Daniel's dad bought Marin a glow stick while he was here. This is a funny video of Marin, Daniel and the glow stick. Marin had a difficult time saying "pappy" so she called him "happy" instead. It was pretty cute. She had a great time playing with him over the weekend.

Marin's Room

My mom came for a visit at the beginning of April. We were so happy to have her here for a visit. We worked on several projects during her week stay, but I must say...our great accomplishment was Marin's room. I am so happy with the way it turned out. I know I know...Pottery Barn Kids is bound to be knocking on my door any day. I still have some little decoration projects I'm working on for the room, but I'm so pleased that everything came together so well. Now, if we can keep Marin from pulling the wood fence out of the wall, we'll be set.

Marin had a lot of fun playing with Glamma Harris all week. She was pretty confused when my mom left. She kept asking where grandma went and would look for her around every corner. They played a lot of hide and seek during the week. She would get a little sad when she realized glamma wasn't there to jump out and chase her.

Thanks for all your help mom! We wouldn't have been able to do any of this without you. My mom also made some fabulous kitchen curtains that I LOVE!